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Working on a blog is like building a house. It might be planned in advance but the realization depends on the resources and willingness. And even then it still needs consistent improvements. Getting rid of minor persistent flaws is the must.

Reading and writing are the main activities that I am currently practicing. Time, the pivotal resource  I have is adequate now, so that I can slowly make new posts or collect old writings into a blog. Even then it is actually not an excuse for just starting now.

Like a machine, the ability to write becomes blunt after being stopped and it takes time to be rebuilt. I realized that. Suppose this blog is a machine, then time and enthusiasm are the the generator and the fuel.

This blog is neither to please anyone, nor for making bombastic things unnaturally and nor making up stories about the author. It is just like the tagline; ‘I am what I wrote, I write therefore I am’.

I love marginal notes, thus to certain extent, the blog content would likely so broad. Sometimes, the readers can also enjoy out of the boxes alike essays. Referring to books or prominent thoughts is only to put context and relevance to what I am writing. Overall, this is only a space to express ideas because I believe that life is not eternal. Quoting Pramoedia Ananta Toer, the famous writer; writing is the way to eternity. 

Published by Tongam Panggabean

I am what I wrote, I write therefore I am

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