After occasionally doing simple observation in my class, I came up with a mere subjective and general conclusion on failure. Actually, human are comparative animal. That is why when someone got failed, basically there is nothing to do with the failure itself but suddenly to  get to know or compare with others achievement in a parallel situation. It is not failure that makes us feel bad, but it is others’ success that make us feel bad.

We are also a very competitive animal. Culturally, we are always taught being the best among the others even from the very early age, childhood. Even the grade we got determines our rank. Sometimes the treat we receive from our teachers or society will also be in accordance with the rank. Higher rank means better or nicer treatment.

It is become more understandable if then let us imagine we are living in a world where none is failing  and no one even touched success as well. Now you got failed in your exam, would you feel bad. Certainly not because the situation is not new. You are around those failure people too. So in that way, failure will not be able to give you some new feeling  and some new emotion. Just because may be you are surrounded by successful people so in that way failure does not only pinch you, but take it more into account as if the failure is huge disaster.

So to sum up, the degree of feeling bad when someone got failure depends on our understanding about failure itself. If someone is being failed a lot, he/she will no longer feel that much because it is not something new at all. But if you are doing some thing just for applause purpose (for your will and others’ will) , it would be a disaster for you if you fail. If your motive is quiet pure for your goal then failure would be like an opportunity to learn and improve since only when we learn to digest failures so that we can step progressivelly.

(Reflected during Winter but written during Spring at Universitatbibliothec FAU Erlangen)

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